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  1. Simon says:

    Love all your stuff, still find it weird re reading the nights dawn trilogy and getting my area name checked …..I was born in Colsterworth and my parents still live there ..

  2. DAVID ELLIS says:

    Hi, I’m a huge fan of Peter F. Hamilton’s work. I’ve done a couple of concept art sketches of alien species from his novels. They can be seen at:

    Thanks, David Ellis

  3. Leighton White says:
  4. sriram kavoor balakrishna says:

    Hello Mr. Hamilton,

    First of all your novels are AWESOME!!!! No doubt about it anyways, I’ve read most of the famous Sci-Fi Authors but you stand among the giants! Your Sci-Fi novels are legendary! Hats off to your creativity! The Nights Dawn!, Pandora’s star! The Void Trilogy! These just blew my mind away, I feel like I was in those worlds, which vividly comes to life while reading your novels. No movies can match what you’ve written even if they picturize your novels.

    One humble request, please keep writing such sci-fi novels (especially Space Genre) as long as you can.

    Love You


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