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Possible spoilers: Why was High Angel Lying?

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Possible spoilers: Why was High Angel Lying?

Post by Zwiffer » Thu Oct 08, 2015 4:00 pm

In the void trilogy it is revealed that the Raiel are a very old race that has been battling the Void for millons of years. One of their greatest achievements being a network of DF spheres spread throughout the Galaxy to stop the Void from Expanding. The High Angel turned out to be a ship with the purpose of evacuating members of different races to another galaxy in case the Void expansion could not be stopped.

With this in mind I was rereading a section of the Commonwealth saga (chapter 10, page 269 in my version) where Mac and Oscar visit High Angel to ask it about it's knowledge about the Dyson Pair. And even after repeated inquiry the High Angel kept telling Oscar and Mac that it had no information on either star. It even goes as far as saying it is curious too, somewhat motivating the humans to go there.

Now considering that the DF spheres blocking the Dyson Pair were distributed to the Anomine by the Raiel I find it hard to believe the High Angel knew nothing about that.

Furthermore when later on the humans proceed in turning off the barrier starting the whole Prime/Starflyer war, the Raiel should have at least recognized what had happenend and could have easily flown to the Dyson Pair to turn the DF sphere back on. Preventing millions of deaths and the possible destruction of the entire human race.

The only explanation I can think of is that the Raiel didn't want to meddle as to not disturb our natural evolution. High Angel even says "I agree that humans are most adept at innovating when placed under pressure or threat". And that the whole affair was meant to stimulate our race out of it's comfort zone. Which it did.

But it/them not meddling on this level is pretty hardcore. I can imagine that there should have at least been some angry humans confronting High Angel along the lines of :"so you knew all along what we were getting ourselves into". But I don't remember this issue ever being addressed in any of the books.

Did I miss it? Or is it not there?

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Re: Possible spoilers: Why was High Angel Lying?

Post by Beltz » Wed May 30, 2018 4:50 pm

Man, this is making me want to read faster. I've still not reached this part. I'm dying to know more...

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