My review for The Abyss Beyond Dreams

larry-rostant-the-abyss-beyond-dreamsOver at I review Peter’s latest novel, The Abyss Beyond Dreams. Here’s a little taster, but head over there for the full review.

It’s safe to say that The Abyss Beyond Dreams is an ambitious novel, not only in scope, but also as a pre-sequel. To tackle an issue that the reader already knows has been resolved is initially confusing. After all, the Void Trilogy essentially renders Nigel’s quest redundant – it’s set many centuries after the events here, and the Void is still standing. Given this it’s hard to put into words just how shocked I was come its finale, and how desperate I am to read the conclusion to the Chronicle of the Fallers (The Night Without Stars, expected late 2015).

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3 Responses to My review for The Abyss Beyond Dreams

  1. martin says:

    heluvalot more satisfying ending to the void, than Evolutionary Void! As usual Peter’s writing is outstanding, but the concept that the universe is saved by an arrogant b’stard like Gore Burnelli just stuck in my craw. He already nixed 2 real hero, Ozzie and the SI.

    But This is far superior, the guardians of the galaxy, the Reiel enlist the help of the great Nigel Sheldon, and he sorts it! Tally-ho . What a great book

  2. Peter A says:

    I loved the ending also. Checked the release date and cursed my impatience. I read it over the last 2 days and now I’m going to have to wait years! This is what happened (twice!) during the void trilogy :(

    I gotta say this ending isn’t quite as cliff hangery (that’s a word right?) as Pandoras Star!

    I also have some theories about the plot! but maybe I will save these for a forum.

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