New Cover Art for the Commonwealth Books

larry-rostant-pandoras-star larry-rostant-judas-unchained larry-rostant-the-dreaming-void larry-rostant-the-temporal-void larry-rostant-the-evolutionary-voidAs you can see, here are the new covers for the Commonwealth books, and done in the same style as The Abyss Beyond Dreams. Larry Rostant is the man behind these and, frankly, I love them. So much better than the previous re-coverings, and different enough from Jim Burns’ originals to take nothing away from them.

Here’s hoping that Peter’s publisher continues this style with his other novels. Personally I just want a new cover for Fallen Dragon, the novel of his that always seems forgotten…

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One Response to New Cover Art for the Commonwealth Books

  1. Rasmus Fynbo says:

    I wonder who the persons are supposed to be in the books? With such a huge cast in each novel it seems a bit odd to place a face on each of the books.. I think the faces indicates a sole protagonist in each novel.

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