News on the Salvation Sequence

Peter’s next trilogy will be the Salvation Sequence, and based on a post on Facebook it looks like they’ll be called Salvation, Salvation Lost, The Saint of Salvation. And now Peter’s publisher, Pan Macmillan, have a page on their catalogue site for the first book. Early days yet, but looks like a shorter-than-normal novel with a release date of next September. Here’s the synopsis – can’t wait!

Book One in the Salvation Sequence, a dazzling space opera trilogy from master of the genre, Peter F. Hamilton
In the year 2204, an abandoned alien spaceship is discovered 90 light years from Earth, in an uninhabited star system. The ship is found to be carrying humans held in suspension – yet humans have never ventured this far out into space before. Faster-than-light travel is impossible – so how did they get here? A team of five specialists is sent to investigate. But each of them has their own agenda – and not all of them can be trusted. Does the real threat come from the spaceship, or from those who seek to learn its secrets . . . ?

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