The Evolutionary Void Re-Read, part 3

larry-rostant-the-evolutionary-voidThe third part of my Evolutionary Void re-read is now live over on the Tor UK blog, and aptly cover Chapter 3 of the novel. Head on over to read in full!

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UK Wrap-Around for Night Without Stars

Peter posted the below on his facebook page the other day showing off the full wrap-around dustjacket for the UK edition of Night Without Stars. Nice!


However, I’m not sure my OCD can cope with the change of layout on the spine…


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The Evolutionary Void Re-Read, part 2

larry-rostant-the-evolutionary-voidAnd the second part of The Evolutionary Void re-read is now up over at the Tor UK blog. Be sure to check it out!

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The Evolutionary Void Re-Read, part 1

larry-rostant-the-evolutionary-voidOver on the Tor UK blog I’ve re-started my re-read of The Evolutionary Void – if you head over there you can read the first entry. These will be going up once a week for 11 weeks to finish just in time for the release of Night Without Stars. Hope you enjoy!

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Charity Auction for Night Without Stars Proof

night-without-stars-proofOver on his Facebook page, Peter is auctioning off what will be a very rare printed proof copy of Night Without Stars. Head on over to check it out and get your bid in!

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UK Cover Art for Night Without Stars

Larry Rostant once again delivers a stunning cover. Out in the UK on 22 September and clocking in at 750 pages, I can’t wait for this one!


As dangers multiply, events will come to an explosive climax in the final part of this stunning duology.

Following the astonishing The Abyss Beyond Dreams, Night Without Stars is the epic second and final part to Peter F. Hamilton’s Chronicle of the Fallers.

The planet Bienvenido is in crisis. It has finally escaped the Void, emerging into regular space. But it’s millions of light-years from Commonwealth assistance, and humans are battling the Fallers for control of their world. This rapacious adversary, evolved to destroy all sentient life, has infiltrated every level of human society – hijacking unwilling bodies so its citizens fear their leaders, friends and family.

A mysterious figure known as the Warrior Angel leads a desperate resistance. She’s helped by forbidden Commonwealth technology, which gives her a crucial edge. But the government obstructs the Angel’s efforts at every turn, blinded by prejudice and technophobia. As Fallers also prepare to attack from the skies, she might need to incite rebellion to fight this invasion. But the odds seem impossible.

Then astronaut Ry Evine uncovers one last hope. On a mission against the enemy, his spacecraft damages an unidentified vessel. This crash-lands on the planet carrying unexpected cargo: a baby. This extraordinary Commonwealth child possesses knowledge that could save them all. But if the Fallers catch her, the people of Bienvenido will not survive.

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UK Cover Art for The Hunting of the Princes


The second in the original and compelling children’s fantasy by Peter F. Hamilton, the UK’s bestselling adult-science-fiction author. The Queen of Dreams trilogy is a future classic in the making.

The Hunting of the Princes is the second title in the Queen of Dreams trilogy. Featuring black and white illustrations, this fantastic series from the UK’s best-selling sci-fi author, Peter F. Hamilton is a future classic in the making.

It had been a big year for Taggie Paganuzzi. From learning that she was actually the Queen-to-be of a magical realm, to learning to use magic, to fighting for her life against the King of Night, there had been a lot of ‘firsts’. And when someone tried to assassinate her as she was cycling home from the local pool in Stamford, England. Well, that was a first too.

It turns out that someone has been killing royal heirs throughout the magical kingdoms, and every leader from every realm believes the King of Night’s army, the Karraks, are responsible. War seems inevitable . . . and yet Taggie has just discovered two very interesting facts. Firstly, that the Karraks come from a cold, dark universe, and they cannot abide warmth and light. And secondly, that there was once a gate to this universe . . . now lost in the mists of time.

But where do you begin to look for a gate which was deliberately hidden centuries ago? To find out, Taggie must rescue the one Karrak Lord who also hopes for peace. Who happens to be imprisoned in an impenetrable fortress . . .

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UK Cover Art for A Window Into Time

A surprise release coming this July with A Window Into Time, a novella being released digitally by Peter’s UK publisher, Pan Macmillan. Here’s the cover and synopsis:


Peter F. Hamilton’s gripping novella, A Window Into Time, is a short, high-concept mystery set in London, with a compelling time-travel twist.

Teenager Julian has perfect recall, which means he has trouble finding his place in the world. But he really does know his own mind. So when he starts experiencing someone else’s memories, which are also tantalizing glimpses of the future, Julian realizes he must find out why. And as he comes to know this unmet friend, it becomes clear that this man is in danger.

Julian resolves to do everything in his power to track him down – a journey which takes him to the heart of London’s commercial district, home to the city’s financial elite. He can’t give up, as he might just prevent a murder.

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US Cover Art for A Night Without Stars

Due out on 27 September and clocking in at 736 pages, here’s the US cover and synopsis for A Night Without Stars:


Bestselling author Peter F. Hamilton returns to his acclaimed Commonwealth series in this thrilling follow-up to The Abyss Beyond Dreams. Featuring Hamilton’s trademark blend of intricate plotting, riveting suspense, high-concept science, and vivid characters, A Night Without Stars brings the story to a fully satisfying finish.

After centuries trapped inside the Void, the planet Bienvenido—along with its inhabitants, both human and Faller—has been expelled into normal space. But the survivors are millions of light-years from the Commonwealth, which knows nothing of their existence. As the two races plunge into mortal conflict for sole possession of the planet, the humans seem destined to lose—despite the assistance of the mysterious Warrior Angel, who possesses forbidden Commonwealth technology.

With the Fallers’ numbers growing, and their ability to mimic humans allowing them to infiltrate all levels of society, it’s only a matter of time before they surge to victory. Then, on a routine space flight, Major Ry Evine inadvertently frees a captive vessel that crash-lands on Bienvenido carrying the last, best hope for human survival: a baby. But a far from ordinary one.

The child not only ages at a remarkable rate but demonstrates knowledge and abilities far beyond those of Bienvenido’s humans. Hunted by Fallers and humans alike, she is a crucial link to humanity’s lost past—and a glorious future already almost out of reach.

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New UK Cover Art for Fallen Dragon

And here’s the new UK cover for Fallen Dragon, done once again by Larry Rostant:


A space adventure on a galactic scale, from one of the world’s bestselling science fiction writers.

Fallen Dragon is a classic standalone novel by science fiction star, Peter F. Hamilton.

Lawrence Newton always dreamed of adventure amongst the stars. Now the ultimate prize is within his grasp, but what will he risk to get it?

Lawrence is the sergeant of a washed-out platoon, taking part in the bungled invasion of yet another human colony world. The giant corporations call such campaigns ‘asset realization’, but in practice it’s simple piracy.

When he’s on the ground, being shot at and firebombed by resistance forces, he recalls stories of the Temple of the Fallen Dragon. Its priests supposedly guard a treasure hoard large enough to buy lifelong happiness. So Lawrence decides to mount a dangerous private-enterprise operation of his own.

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